NetSuite integration
NetSuite is already automating processes, improving visibility, and saving resources. So, with its complete NetSuite integration, WAERlinx is the obvious choice for extending that efficiency into the warehouse and wider supply chain.
The (often difficult) integration work is done.
Customised for you
WAERlinx is a flexible WMS platform that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. That means we can address your unique warehousing challenges and seamlessly blend WAERlinx with your existing processes.
We adjust, not you.
Real-world Expertise
WAERlinx was developed by a team with experience in the most complicated supply chains. It is designed to address your real-world challenges, from retaining visibility over inventory to finding new efficiencies and streamlining your processes.
We understand what you need.
Capability To Deliver
We deliver projects in 8-12 weeks. WAERlinx implementation will be on time, on budget and without business interruption to the agreed specification.
We are a reliable partner that you can trust.

Using NetSuite?
Got a warehouse?
WAERlinx takes you
to the next level

If you’re using NetSuite, you’re already seeing improved visibility across
your business processes and taking advantage of the right technology to
save you time and money. But what about the warehouse? Why let those
benefits stop where they could potentially be most valuable?

The things our customers
love about WAERlinx

WAERlinx is a powerful cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) that’s supported some of the world’s most complicated supply chains. It includes more than 20 bi-directional interfaces into NetSuite. The (often difficult) integration work is done.

Purchase orders, return authorisations, and receipts.

Sales orders, inter-company transfers, order updates, picked inventory, shipped orders, supplier returns, and proof of delivery.

Master data
Part records, customers, ship-to destinations, suppliers, and kit BOMs.

Warehouse adjustments
To keep track of changes that affect your total inventory quantity.

WAERlinx supports all barcode and RFID tag formats, so you can input data faster and process transactions more accurately.

Supermarket-style check-in
Scan goods into the warehouse item-by-item – ideal for validating high value product as it comes in.

Advanced shipping notices
Simplify your receiving processes and get complete visibility over all your inbound deliveries.

Quality and inspection
Bring these two functions together to deliver quality performance measurement.

Giving you the flexibility to fast track inventory from receiving to shipping.

Bulk putaway
Save time by taking full pallets to deep storage without the need to break them down.

Task driven putaway
Let WAERlinx direct your teams, to make putaway more efficient and accelerate the process.

Automated putaway
Maintain an accurate sequence of material storage in your warehouse, without depending on local operator knowledge.

Walk sequences
Drive your pick rate and improve operator efficiency with optimised travel routes around your warehouse.

Operator control functions
Handheld devices give operators more control and help them work smarter.

Supervisor management
Equip your supervisors with real-time visibility over all warehouse activity, so they can prioritise more effectively, based on business need.

WAERlinx replicates your entire supply chain in one place – with real-time visibility of all your warehouses, zones, racks, and shelves, anywhere in the world.

Stock count and perpetual inventory
Don’t leave any doubt – keep an accurate track of what’s on your shelves at any given moment.

Product management
There’s no need to depend on spreadsheets to control pick order. WAERlinx supports your product management by FIFO, expiry date, serial number, batch number, lot number, or manufacturer’s serial number.

Bulk storage
Replenish a dynamic pick face from a nearby bulk storage area, optimising throughput and lowering the cost to serve.

Flexible rules
Align picking with your business needs, and pick using rules that make sense whether that’s by customer, destination, date, or product family.

Task-driven picking
Use intelligent task prioritisation to direct operators to the most urgent items first – maximising flexibility while retaining complete control.

A choice of picking policies
Pick one after the other or in waves; track reusable pick containers and validate activity with scanning. Just choose the policies that make sense for your business and let WAERlinx ensure they’re followed.

Optimised walk sequences
Save time and increase efficiency by giving operators the shortest route around the warehouse.

Supervisor controls
Use demand-prioritisation and work-task-prioritisation together to give your supervisors complete control over the work schedule.

Barcode-driven packing
With support for all barcode formats, WAERlinx helps you keep track of goods during the packing process.

Supermarket checkout
Say goodbye to customer discrepancies. Use supermarket-style checkout to validate that orders are complete as they ship.

Validate the packing process
WAERlinx can generate your packing list, record the packing materials that are used, scan picked items into packing containers, and scan packing container labels to confirm a pack.

Auditable packing transactions
Get more visibility over the packing process – and when it’s complete – to make any delivery issues or order discrepancies easier to investigate.

Execution of dispatch
Selectively dispatch individual or multiple orders by order due date, delivery route or customer.

Packing and shipping functionality
Optionally print labels and documents to match your pick, pack and ship processes.

Courier interfacing
Speed up your processes and eliminate manual arrangements with couriers. WAERlinx can integrate with third party couriers, automate the booking, and print the labels while ensuring NetSuite is updated with this information too.

Confirm shipping events
Log an auditable transaction when goods are shipped; ideal for investigating customer discrepancies and after-sales service.

When stock comes back into your warehouse, your efficiency stays the same. With WAERlinx, reverse logistics come as standard.

WAERlinx supports all barcode and RFID tag formats, so you can input data faster and process transactions more accurately.

Android HHT
The handhelds for scanning with WAERlinx are Android smartphones either with an incorporated scanner or a small Bluetooth scanner. This ensures hardware costs are kept low, operators are happy and transaction volumes are high.

Mobile Apps
Waer can build mobile apps to complement WAERlinx. For example, WAERpod – a phone based proof of delivery app so that your fleet of drivers can get a signature at each drop – no more missing goods.

Our worldwide customers
WBC is a fast-growing distributor
that uses WAERlinx to run its
extensive new warehouse. Since
installing WAERlinx, WBC has
seen a 40% increase in warehouse
2Pure is a flagship UK distributor of
outdoor leisure products, running
NetSuite as its main business system.
With WAERlinx, the company
efficiently manages its warehouses,
stock, shipments, and replenishment
William George is a leading UK
auctioneer, using NetSuite as its ERP.
With WAERlinx managing the receipt,
management, and shipping of all
inventory across 14,000 warehouse
SKUs, the firm has dramatically
optimised its performance.
“Waer made big promises and have
delivered on all of them, in fact, they
have gone beyond them”
Part of the Healthcare Limited group,
DeliverNet uses WAERlinx for
warehouse management, proof of
delivery and inventory control.
Crucially, DeliverNet gets real-time
integration with NetSuite – and realtime visibility across the company.
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