At Waer Systems we’ve been designing, developing and implementing warehouse management solutions for two decades. Our core product – WAERlinx – is a highly intuitive, flexible WMS that is now available to businesses using NetSuite.
Since its foundation, Waer has been providing significant supply chain improvements to many customers including a number of global aerospace manufacturers.

For more information, please visit our heritage website.
Every industry and every customer is different, so we come with a spirit of innovation and excellence that has enabled our expansion into a wide range of sectors.

Today, we are helping businesses all over the world run some of the most complex warehouse operations.
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Executive Team

DAVID snelson

Managing Director

David has a 20-year career in client management and C-level selling, primarily in the software space. David joined Waer to lead the company’s business development activities before moving up to MD in 2016. He’s also passionate about great design, and is the owner of the user journey through the WAERlinx platform.

David holds a BA Honours degree in Philosophy from Manchester.

ROD scott

Chairman and Founder

Before founding Waer, Rod was the Managing Director of CJ Fox & Sons Limited, where he spearheaded the use of technology to deliver components to UK aerospace OEM production lines. After a merger with Satair’s OEM business, Rod spent five years as the CEO of the Satair Hardware Group.

He had spent years facing the supply chain challenges of aerospace. So, in 2000, he took the technology that he’d championed and founded Waer Systems – today a recognised authority in customised cloud software solutions.

DAVE roberts

Director of DevOps

With more than 15 years of supply-chain software development experience, Dave is responsible for new software development and hardware infrastructure, continually improving and refining our products. Dave's team also manage manage the Cloud infrastructure that powers WAERlinx.

He also is responsible for the Ops team and our technical liaison with NetSuite in California.

Dave has a Computer Science BSc from the University of Wales and an MSc in Information Systems from the University of Brighton.

DAVE mockler

Financial Director

Dave is an experienced financial director and has been involved in several M&A transactions and also a private equity funding deal.

Dave brings with him a wealth of experience in distribution across the automotive and aerospace industries.

PAUL glock

Operations Manager

Paul is an expert in the Agile development and implementation process. After 10 years in the healthcare sector, Paul joined Waer in 2016 and has brought a wave of fresh thinking into the business with very positive, tangible results.

He is the internal customer champion at Waer and manages our key client relationships.

STUART brown

WAERlinx Technical Manager

Stuart is the lead technical specialist at Waer with specific expertise in database design, Java and platform integration. He runs the Dev team at Waer and is responsible for the technical excellence and direction of the product stack.

Stuart’s team are passionate about new technologies. They understand how they can help our customers, and brings them into our solutions.

Our Core Values.
  • We are customer focused
  • We practice proactive communication
  • We believe in honesty, openness & integrity
  • We embrace contiuous improvement
  • We behave with consideration & respect
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